Where and when did it all begin?

What form did it take originally?


What does it mean to us now?

Can you remember wher you first heard the term 'Yiggernaught'? and do you have any idea where it came from? How long has the term been in use and who, if anyone, uses it these days? There is some evidence to suggest that 'Yiggernaught' pre-dates biblical records. That the earliest forms of mankind would perform ritualistic ceremonies in honour of 'the yiggernaughts'. There are even some who believe 'yiggernaught' was an honorific title reserved for only the highest perceived mystic rulers of the universe. That this omnipotent, all pervading force, this sublime cosmic energy could only be harnessed by those learned in matters of the ancient occult.

Photo courtesy of Makoto Yamashita © 2009

 As our journey unfolds, we will seek to ascertain the hidden truth and reveal for all to see, understand and benefit from 'Yiggernaught'

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